Semi-Custom Vinyl

We are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by any company's logo or logos that may be present on these sample designs.  Before placing an order for any of these sample custom items, you must have obtained all rights to use any and all logo(s) on this design.
Global Advertising Solutions will not be held responsible for any improper use of this flag.  It is your responsibility to make sure you or your clients have obtained the rights to use any flags you order.  This is a custom item, therefore it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Banners are available in 3'x8' and 2'x6' sizes.  Price is $33.60 for 3ft x 8ft banners and $18 for 2x6ft banners.  No changes can be made to these banners.  Banners can take up to 2 business days to ship.